Featured, Issues & Ideas | 4th May 2015

Election 2015: Here’s what the Gogglebox cast think about every party leader

The Gogglebox crew cut through the spin.


It’s been a long election campaign. And the party leaders have tried to make themselves loved by all, or at least by some. Has any of it cut through? Who is popular?

The polls tell us David Cameron is more popular than Ed Miliband, who is about as well-liked as the once ascendant Nick Clegg, and thought to be less effective than the polarising Nigel Farage. And more in-depth research has revealed the settings that we think our leaders look most impressive in.

But sometimes the best analysis comes from someone’s throw-away remark or initial impression. That’s why we’re great fans of Lord Ashcroft’s weekly focus group write-ups, and it’s why we’re now releasing videos of the cast of C4’s Gogglebox talking politics.

Nigel Farage

Nick Clegg

David Cameron

Ed Miliband