Featured, May2015 | 16th April 2015

Three weeks before election day, May2015 now attracts 1.1 million hits a month

More than 420,000 people have paid May2015 a visit in the past month, twenty times more than did when the site launched seven months ago.


May2015 launched just over seven months ago, on September 9, 2014. We had fewer than 5,000 unique visits that day. We barely managed more than 10,000 in our first week.

Last week the site had just under 400,000 hits. Over the past month, May2015 has been visited more than 1.1 million times.

30,000 people from across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania logged onto May2015 for the first time in the past four weeks, with another 20,000 European users exploring the site from outside the UK. Nearly 350,000 people worldwide discovered us for the first time, and overall more than 420,000 unique users have paid a visit since mid-March. (30 per cent of traffic comes out of London.)

Just over 20,000 people visited the site in our first month. In seven months our readership is up more than twenty fold.

May2015 was created to be the go-to guide for one question: Who is going to win the May 2015 general election? The whole site is centered around our ‘Poll of Polls’, which tracks, gathers and averages all the latest polls to try and give the current state of the race, and our ‘Seat Calculator’, which turns the latest national and constituency polls into a specific election prediction.

We also track five other forecasts, and have, with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, created ‘The Drilldown’ so anyone can explore the past five years of polling in more depth.

May2015 was created to be the go-to guide for one question: Who will win?

Our ‘Poll of Polls’ has been hosted by the Independent since January as part of all their politics coverage online, and our numbers are now also used by the Times in print each day. (These traffic figures do not include any hits from our data being hosted by the Independent.)

All this data drives just over half of our traffic. Our homepage, with its slider that takes you through the race at-a-glance, accounts for another 15 per cent or so. Our daily pieces on the state of the race, and longer features on key seats and bigger issues, drive the other third of our visits.

And readers spend time on May2015. Our election predictions are typically explored for nearly four minutes, and the average session on the site lasts for a couple of minutes. (Many major sites are visited for fewer than 90 seconds.)


One of the main inspirations for May2015 was FiveThirtyEight, the election mini-site ran by Nate Silver for the 2012 US election and hosted by the New York Times. At its peak, a month before the election, a fifth of visits to the Times included a visit to FiveThirtyEight.

That was always our benchmark with the New Statesman, whose editors green-lit, funded and oversee May2015. We have now surpassed that mark, and have added significantly to the New Statesman’s typical traffic.