Need to Know | 30th October 2014

Datablast: Who is the most trusted party leader?

David Cameron has topped polls by YouGov and Ipsos Mori as the party leader […]


David Cameron has topped polls by YouGov and Ipsos Mori as the party leader deemed to be most capable and trustworthy on the economy, continuing to be an electoral asset for the Conservatives who find themselves polling below Cameron’s personal approval ratings.

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Labour on the other hand seem to be trying to secure power in spite of Ed Miliband; satisfaction with his performance as Labour leader is now at it’s lowest since September last year, down four points from last month with six in ten now dissatisfied.

More Labour supporters are now dissatisfied with their leaders performance (46 per cent) than are satisfied (42 per cent).

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Until recently this has not been a substantial problem for Miliband and Labour; Labour have been consistently leading in the polls for two years, and although Cameron is out-polling his competition, he too is underwhelming voters.

YouGov’s poll asking voters who they trusted more on the economy shows 40 per cent ticking the “none of the above” box. At best, Cameron’s the “least distrusted”.

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However, May2015’s latest round up of the polls show Labour are now in a near tie with the Conservatives, removing the cushion of Labour momentum that could mitigate Miliband’s unsatisfying performance.

As for the other major party leader, the dip in Miliband’s numbers have brought him to Nick Clegg levels of popularity, while Nigel Farage is, unsurprisingly, seen to be doing the best among the current crop.

This recent data from Ipsos MORI gives a clearer picture of how each leader is faring on the key metrics.

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