The Drilldown: Find the real stories in the polls

For decades the most interesting information in polls has been locked away in unused archives and unreadable PDFs.

Headline polls may show Ukip surging, Labour slightly ahead, or the Tories in front on economic trust, but what is really happening?

For the first time, GQRR are opening up data on UK public opinion to anyone who wants to dig into it. "The Drilldown" allows you to analyse publically available polls, understand who thinks what, and see how opinion has changed since the start of the coalition.

If you have questions or comments please contact GQRR at, or May2015 at either, or on Twitter.

To access the original data please click on the links below:
YouGov Public Opinion Archive:
ICM Research Media Centre:
IpsosMORI Political Monitor Archive:
Populus Polls:
Lord Ashcroft Polls: