The smack of strong government?
Datablast | 3rd March 2015

Tories hit their kids – and don't regret it

Why do Tory voters back austerity and not regret its consequences? That is the question many leftie liberals have spent the past five years asking.

The Left could ask another question along such lines. In the same way that Tories want to dole out austerity in the name of responsibility, so they seem to think smacking children is more likely to bring them up right – as YouGov reminded us today in the wake of debates over smacking in France and Wales.

Tories are nearly a third more likely to have hit their children than Labour or Lib Dem voters. (Via YouGov’s poll for the Sunday Times, initially carried out in 2013.)

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A typical Ukip post wins 4,000 likes on Facebook – double the Tory average.
Datablast | 29th January 2015

Ukip, the Greens and Cameron are winning the election on Facebook

Did you hear? 2015 is the first social media election. Or was that the last one?

Even if its impact is often overstated, the election is playing out on Facebook. So who is winning? We recently took a look at which party seems to be prospering, but new data from Fishburn, a public relations company, has uncovered how active each party’s supporters really are, how support differs across the papers, and how the party leaders are faring.

Here are their four key findings.

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